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Capone/ Gangster Collectibles for Sale
Thinning stuff out of my collection!

Please read the following carefully first.

This page is offered by me after receiving many emails over the years about the possibility of obtaining collectible items. Since I won't yet sell any of my big ticket items, I will from time to time offer authentic extras or stuff that I am  parting with from my collection.
These items are for serious collectors only! People who do not understand the significance or value of these historical items, please refrain from purchase or inquiry! I'm doing this simply as a favor. This is an enjoyable hobby and I do not need any drama! These are authentic items from my personal collection that I have amassed over a 28 year period. If you need to question my credentials, then please go here first.

I am, and have been the "go to guy" for all items relating to Al Capone and 20's gangster era Chicago for many years. Although they won't admit to it, gangster museums, so call experts, sellers and other collectors come here to educate themselves on their items and the history.

All items are payable by Paypal only! Email me if you have any questions. Prices are as is and are what the market reflects. I will not sell under what I'm asking, so please don't email me asking to do so. Please note that all sales are final and non refundable. If you can find other authentic Capone related items cheaper, then please by all means go for it! You can also read more info here.

Currently looking for this!
Startling Detective magazine dated September 1931.

 Anyone who has it and is willing to sell it please contact me at


 1929 Valentine Massacre wall fragment from George Patey Brick
Fragment from George Patey massacre wall section at 2122 North Clark

February 14,1929. Seven dead men. Five dead gangsters, one mechanic and an optometrist gangster groupie.

Let's face it. Now with the Las Vegas Mob Museum scooping up all the remaining bricks from the George Patey wall, now there are only a few out there remaining that were sold by him before his death. These will all command a big price that most of us could not afford to or would not want to buy as an investment. I'm giving the chance for those out there to own, for a small investment, a fragment from my George Patey brick. See photos. The loose fragment came off my brick. The fragment is approx: 2 inches by 1 inch in a 9"x12" frame with a photo of the massacre. It will come with a COA by me confirming it's authenticity.  
I take this hobby very seriously and offer nothing, but authentic items.
$500 U.S.

John Torrio
Capone boss and mentor.
Authentic framed hair strands from Mary Caputo, John Torrio's birth mother. Torrio's photo top of head is faded pink due to sun from window. Acquired from John Torrio's estate.
This thing was hanging on my wall for a number of years. Frame is 18"X16".

Close up of hair strands. This is John Torrio's mitochondrial DNA.

$700 U.S. Shipping included
U.S. AND Canada only

Elliott Wisbrod, Chicago Gangland armorer  
  Vintage Bullet Proof Vest

Wisbrod bullet proof vest

Wisbrod demonstrating his vest to authorities. He was shot at to prove that his product worked.
Wisbrod was also proud to say that he was friends with Al Capone.

Louis/Elliott Wisbrod was a firearms dealer who started his business in 1926 during Chicago's roaring twenties. He developed his bullet proof vest to compete with Dunrite and American Armor. In 1927, he partnered up with Peter Von Frantzius famous Chicago gun dealer known for selling the Thompson submachine guns (sold to hoodlums) used in the St. Valentine Massacre. Wisbrod featured his bullet proof vest wearing it himself in Von Frantzius' gun catalog of 1927. In 1929, He was interrogated at the St. Valentine Massacre coroner's inquest.

 In 1939 Elliot, who also went under the name Louis left Chicago after much trouble brought to his name. He was slandered in the newspapers by officials and Frantzius who claimed he was "in" with the gangsters. Elliot Wisbrod proudly stated that he "was friends with Al Capone so what?" He sued Frantzius and Harry Brundige for these gangster allegations. In 1939, he then moved his family and operations to Alameda, California to distance himself from the gangster association. These vintage bullet proof vests are rare so don't let it pass you by! This vest is the standard model with front plate and belt attachments to neck and back. It is made to look like a suit vest in order to wear under a suit jacket and blend in. Specifications on tag mention it able to stop .45 caliber slugs from a Thompson submachine gun.
Only defect is one button half cracked. Rest of vest is intact and in great condition considering age. Over 75 years. No tears or wear on the edges where the steel plate is located.

$600 U.S. Shipping included.

.45 Bullet slug removed from The Lexington Hotel wall
Part of television history! This bullet was fired into the old Lexington Hotel wall by Geraldo Rivera during his 1986 television special about Al Capone. It was retrieved by Author William J. Helmer before the Lexington's demise in 1995. See video.

On April 21, 1986, shown live to nearly 30 million viewers.
Only one slug available.
$350 shipping included.

Al Capone's Grave dirt.
Al Capone's grave dirt. From my visit to his grave in 1995. Only one of these. 2" high by 3/4 " wide
$120 U.S. shipped

Al Capone's Pool Pebbles
Pebbles from Capone's 93 Palm Island home
Pebbles from Al Capone's pool at 93 Palm Island Miami Florida. Collected by me personally before the new renovations.
Comes with my COA. I sell nothing, but authentic Capone related items.

$60 U.S. shipping included.

"Hymie" Earl J. Weiss
The only Chicago gangster that Al Capone feared.
Ceiling Fragment from his mausoleum

Interior ceiling marble from Hymie Weiss' mausoleum at Mt. Carmel. This authentic item was retrieved when the 80 year old ceiling was about to collapse and Weiss' relative Bob Koznecki replaced it with a brand new marble ceiling. Bob sent me part of the ceiling. This one in a lifetime gangster collectible is definitely for the special kind of collector.  

$60 U.S. each. shipping included

Fork from Colosimo's Restaurant
Earlier version before the Dirigold "Stolen from Colosimo's" ones.

Silver plated with markings ISCO TRIPLE
$175 Shipping included.

Non Capone Related stuff

Spent shell fired from John Dillinger's known Thompson.
Since I'm more of a Capone guy I'm parting with this. Given to me by my buddy who is THE Dillinger expert .
 $200 Shipping Included.

Biograph Theatre Chicago
Piece of lobby floor from the original Biograph Theatre in Chicago.
This was the theatre where John Dillinger saw his last movie.
This piece came from my buddy William J. Helmer.
2" X 2 1/4" X 1/2" Back side has glue which can be removed. This was attached to some display.
$300 U.S. Shipped

Newspaper Reprints
For bar, restaurant or the man cave.

Six newspaper reprints.
 (A second double of Dillinger one included).
Total of 7 newspapers
$120 U.S. shipping included.