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Top Al Capone Myths

Al Capone became a criminal at a very young age.
   How Al Capone got his scars. The day Al Capone became 'Scarface'.
Al Capone was a cocaine addict.
Al Capone drank whiskey.
Al Capone started a soup kitchen.
Al Capone 'Smile and a gun' quote.
Al Capone came to Chicago in 1919.
Al Capone beat three gangsters to death with a baseball bat.

“The older I get, the more I realize that the light you think you’re radiating is not the light other people see when they look at you. I wonder how Al Capone felt about himself as he looked in the mirror in the privacy of his own bathroom. I’m sure he thought of himself as a very human guy.”
- Hollywood Legendary Actor Paul Newman, 1989.

Welcome to my personal homepage. Welcome to My Al Capone Museum web site. In the past 34 years, I have collected items belonging to and dealing with the granddaddy of all American gangsters, Alphonse Capone. My fascination with Capone started out with Robert De Niro's outstanding 1987 perfomance as the eminent Chicago underworld king. After that, my curiosity peaked. I wanted to know more about Al Capone and his era. I immediately began my search and soon found out that the facts were far more exciting than any of Hollywood's made up fiction. Al Capone was a multi-faceted man. He could be kind, vicious, loyal and quick with a joke. I must say outright that he was a gangster and a criminal. I do not endorse his way of life by any means, but I will admit that I am fascinated with his staying power. He is still popular 76 years after his death! This non profit website was made to educate and satisfy various people interested in this particular era of history. It separates fact from fiction. People from all walks of life visit and enjoy these pages. It all started with a single web page, and then quickly snowballed into what you see today. After coaxing by some media people, (they almost had to twist my arm, literally!) I finally gave in, and appeared on a History channel documentary.This l4ead to participating in some newspaper and television news stories for my Capone research / collection. Click through to let me share the past and some of my collection with you.

Mario Gomes

Mario Gomes can be contacted at Alcaponemuseum@gmail.com

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Please note that this site is created and maintained by me, Mario Gomes. I am solely responsible for it's content unless specifically noted. Myalcaponemuseum is strictly a virtual online museum. Mario Gomes lives in Montreal, Canada.

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Exhibit C & D; Two Goddard SVD Massacre bullet fragments

Interesting items retrieved from Al Capone's Lexington office suite

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7244 Prairie Avenue (Al Capone's old home)  

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 Artifacts from 93 Palm Avenue

The Renovated 93 Palm  Avenue

The Renovated Palm Avenue Part 2

The Sad Demise of Al Capone's Estate
 93 Palm Avenue  

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Al Capone; The Early Years

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The Adonis Social Club incident

Mafalda Capone
Al Capone's Sister Gets Married

Al Capone Speaks On Film!

Al Capone's CPD Mugshot

FDR and Al Capone's Cadillac; Truth or Myth?

Al Capone and Friends: A well Known but Misidentified Photo

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Valentine Killers?

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Second Diane Capone book just released!
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You heard here first!! Finally!!! Something to look forward to and I can't wait to read this!!
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For years, many wondered what happened to his family after his death. In this second book called The Capone Girls, the lives of his beloved wife, his son and daughter-in-law and his granddaughters are finally disclosed.
After spending her entire adult life in the San Francisco bay area and a career working as a college counselor in Santa Clara, Diane Patricia Capone now lives quietly with her husband in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. Her greatest joy is being surround by her family and friends and ten grandchildren.

Her first excellent book on Al Capone the man!
By his granddaughter

Al Capone

Unlike some of the other gangster museums out there, this one can really state proudly that it is non profit! This site and I do not make one dang penny! Most of the time and money was spent by me on this labor of love and passion for in depth research. This was achieved over many, many years, and for the purpose of presenting the correct history of a particular historical figure. Not the Hollywood version. Capone was chosen, as it could have been anyone that caught my attention at the time. Sure, mind you, Al Capone was not Ghandi. Capone was a grandiose figure, but he was also a killer, philanderer, gambler etc... I know this reality, but in the same token, he was not an Adolf Hitler, or a Jeffrey Dahmer. He was a sociopathic and complex personality from the gangster era that now has over several Hollywood movies, documentaries recounting his story and dozens of books written about him. Capone was made big as he was during his era for several reasons.
1) Prohibition.
2) Corrupt police, judges and politicians.
3) The Newspapers.
For those who look at this subject just to blame solely Capone for all the crimes in that era, then I can tell you this is a mistake. Even so called honest police were killing people, as we can witness below. All in the name of PROHIBITION. That was the real criminal!

Gas bombs thrown into a house. A mother is shot and killed, while the father is beaten by police as their young boy looks on.
All for the possession of a half filled jug of wine on the table.
The Chicago Tribune, March 26, 1929.

 This research is here to entertain you, but also to educate you. Here you can visit rain or shine, 24/7, 365 days of the year for free! You do not pay anything to enter and see all the items, info, photos accumulated here! Whether you are a history buff, musician, Hollywood actor, author, writer or just the a plain fan, this site can be used for your simple enjoyment, research project, book, movie. Whether it's just show off your knowledge to others or on mob message boards. I do not try to sell you subscriptions, t-shirts, mugs and keychains! I often wondered what the other museums do with that money and the big entrance fee?
Now tell me? Which museum will let you visit in your underpants? Well, here you can!

"Unlike the City of Chicago, who seems hellbent on erasing everything related to the Capone era, here you will find some of the past brought back for history's integrity, and for the Capone era's rightful place in history. Good or bad, how can we learn from the past if you want to deny that it ever existed" ----- Mario Gomes

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Swimming in Al Capone's pool and yours truly in front of the cameras once again.
Shooting in front of the entrance to Al's living room.
(Photo at left courtesy Magaly Acosta. Photo to right courtesy of Plum TV).



A very special acknowlegement to those who have enjoyed the site so much that they decided to give something back in return for the historically accurate research content. The following supporters listed below are the people who kindly contributed a donation, whether it be funds or historical items to the site without me ever asking. These are the type of people who walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Their generosity has helped me make this website a continued success.
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A telling postcard from Chicago,  circa 1908

This personal non-profit site was made strictly for your enjoyment and mine. It took me many years and money out of my own pocket to make. I do not have an agenda claiming that I own Al Capone, nor am I peddling any book. I do not associate myself with any author, writer, Capone relative, any supposed Capone relative or other Capone website, unless it's specified here, or if their book, site or name appears here. Some people related or not claim this subject for fame and glory, some do it for the money, some for both. For me, it's merely about the fascination of the era.This educational website's aim is strictly about telling a historically untwisted, unbiased and correct version (at least as close as humanly possible) of Al Capone and the roaring twenties. Through this process, I wanted to share it with all true history buffs out there, whether experienced or novice. Nothing more, nothing less! This site and I have proudly helped countless students across the U.S. with their National History Day projects on Al Capone. I personally take the time to answer their questions.

Mario Gomes can be contacted at Alcaponemuseum@gmail.com